About Metoo

Feeling happy


Welcome to Metoo® world .

We are happy to see you here and we hope you will love Metoo dolls and accessories just like us.

The world heard about Metoo®, when the Angela series was created. Since then, dolls have permanently entered the children's rooms (and the hearts of babies) on many continents. After the Angela series, a collection of Keppel with plush Panda and Koala and Bunny Tiramisu appeared. Metoo® cuddles have been loved not only by children, but also by their parents for a beautiful design, for being soft and beautifully different from other toys.

We are currently enjoying the status of an authorized Metoo® representative for over 60 types of dolls and accessories. New collections of cuddly toys are created every year and we will present them in our store on a regular basis. We also created in Poland our own styles: Cat, Unicorn and Superhero that are produced by Metoo (but their trademarks belongs to us),