Metoo Angela Dolls

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Angela doll is probably the most-known cuddle from Metoo. The characteristic bunny in a gray dress is known and loved by all children all over the world (we admit - and also by us:)). Do you know that the Angela series dolls were created as a watchful guardian of children's sleep? Their presence is to guarantee children a sweet, undisturbed and peaceful sleep. But a doll with ears is also a great playmate, you can play with her at home, invite for an afternoon tee or take a walk. It is also a unique decorative element of a children's room in the Scandinavian style. In the Angela series you will also find a laughing pink bunny, a delicious deer and a bright ballerina. All Metoo dolls in the Dom Lalek shop are already suitable for the youngest children and have the necessary safety certificates. Invite them to your home.